November 17, 2011
A consideration for those we left behind

Long time no write. 

It’s very suddenly hit me that  I’ve been uni for around 2 months now and can safely say it has changed a few things. 

As ‘waiting for my chance to come’ says “it takes real gust to be alone” and they’re not wrong. It’s funny how it feels as though you wait for an eternity for the chance to escape your parents and home as a whole. But then, once you have been freed from them, you miss those comforts that you can’t recreate on your own for yourself and the regular sound of the home you had. 

I genuinely think we forget that we’ll end up spending the majority of our lives alone anyway and that those few years we  try to escape from should be extended instead of cut short. 
Even for me; being some who regularly returns home to visit family, it actually feels as though I’m a visitor in my own home nowadays. I look forward to the treat of my mums home cooking or meeting up with people I used to know better. Time is slotted in for people who originally could’ve had all your time in the world. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore living alone without the restrictions that come with living with mum, standing on my own two feet and thinking of organising finances every week, but I miss the home comforts in equal measures sometimes. 

You may not understand it yet even if you have been in university for a while, maybe it hits people at different times, but once you do you’ll definitely want to be visiting mum and/or dad soon. No need to cover it up either, it’s life showing you what you need very much like when you crave certain foods except this is one of those things that becomes part of life’s little pleasures. 
Enjoy them whilst you can.  

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